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Fuel Lube Truck

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Product Specs
Engine 330 HP Cummings
Transmission Allison Automatic
Tank Capacity 1000 Gal Diesel Tank
Hose length 50' of 1" hose
Oil tank 4 X 75 Gal oil tanks
Water/Antifreeze Tank 50 Gal water/antifreeze tank
Grease Station 120 lbs. grease station
Air compressor 29 CFM Air Compressor
Waste oil 100 Gal waste oil tank
Fuel Lube Truck
1000 Gallon Fuel Lube Truck
4 X 75 Gal oil tanks,50 Gal water/antifreeze tank,120 lbs. grease station,29 CFM Air Compressor,100 Gal waste oil tank

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