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Delivering what matters

They’re here. After years of engineering research and development. After extensive customer input. After exhaustivetesting in the lab and on the road. After all of this and much more, the all-new T-Series line of truck units from Thermo King is ready to deliver what you and your customers demand. Lower life cycle costs. Lower fuel consumption. Cleaner, quieter operation. Unmatchedperformance and reliability. Greater capacities at lower operating speeds. Precise temperature control.Ease of use and service.

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Delivering What Matters

Greater Fuel Savings

Fuel costs recently reached record levels and take a big bite out of your budget every day. The T-Series was developed to take advantage of the latest fuel-saving technologies, including

  • Stationary and Hybrid SmartPower™ electric operation
  • Fuel efficient engineering for greater fuel economyin all ambient conditions, hauling fresh or frozen
  • ETV (electronic throttling valve) pulls down temperature faster, consuming less fuel to reach the set point
  • Advanced Fuel-Saving Control Technology with the newSR-2 T-Series control system means less fuel used

Lower Life Cycle Costs

Reducing the everyday costs of operating the reefer was essential inthe development of these new units. The following features of the T-Series will help you realize reduced operating costs, every day you run, for the life of the unit

  • TSR-2 controller helps ensure correct parameters are set for every load, quickly and easily
  • EMI-2000 means longer service maintenance intervals
  • Our longest truck unit warranty ever (See your Thermo King dealer for details)
  • Hybrid SmartPower™ reduces engine hours, resulting inlower maintenance costs

Easy to Use and Service

The latest technological advances mean little if the driver can’tuse the equipment easily and properly. The T-Series features theintuitive new TSR-2 control system and other enhancements for easy use and service:

  • Symbolic Display on controller for easy, error-free operation
  • Easy Service Accessibility to electrical andengine compartments
  • Liquid Level Fill Alerts warn of low fluid levels
  • Programmable Service Intervals and Scheduled MaintenanceReminders keep unit running at peak effi ciency

Cleaner and Quieter

The T-Series was developed not just to meet environmentalrequirements, but to set new benchmarks in the reduction ofemissions, waste and noise pollution

  • Hybrid SmartPower™ electric operation produceszero emissions
  • WhisperTM quiet operation
  • Cleanest diesel engine in class
  • EMI-2000 reduces waste
  • Poly-V stretch belt technology reduces noise

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