Terms and Conditions


Renter must be at least 25 years of age with a valid US driver license. The use of an international driver license or driver license issued from another country requires supporting documentation of legal status for the term of the rental. All renters must have and present at time of rental a major credit card in their name. Prepaid debit/credit cards are not accepted. Some debit cards can be used to rent a vehicle but additional documentation is needed and additional deposits above the cost of the rental will be assessed at the time of the rental. Please speak with any rental agent for further information regarding the underwriting criteria.


Proof of liability insurance is required on all rentals. The renter will need to purchase rental liability insurance protection from PV Rentals should they not have liability insurance. Insurance provided by renter will be verified at the time of the rental. Additional supplemental liability insurance is optional should higher levels of insurance protection be desired.


Persons with a valid driver's license may be added to as an approved driver to the rental contract at the renter's request for an additional fee. To be listed as an additional driver, individual must be present at time of vehicle rental and show proof of valid United States driver license (Additional qualifications apply for foreign licenses). Additional drivers must be at least 21 years of age. All financial responsibility for the rental vehicle including related rental charges remain the sole responsibility of the renter.


Taxes are not included in rental rates and are based on state requirements.


This fee relates to House Bill 2151, the 74th Texas Legislature in 1995. It allows all vehicle rental companies operating in Texas to charge a nominal fee to recoup the cost of title fees, registration fees, and property taxes paid in the proceeding calendar year on their vehicle fleet.


Your rental may be subject to a 5% Stadium/Arena tax at certain locations as mandated by the City of Houston.


Trailer towing is allowed no additional charge on all pick-up trucks. Towing is allowed for an additional fee on SUV’s, 12 and 15 passenger vans.


After hours drop off is available at some PV Rental locations. The renter's responsibility for the vehicle will not end until vehicle is checked in and the contract is closed. Keys, fuel receipt purchased within ten (10) miles of the returning location and time stamped contract must be included in the return package.


PV Rentals offers three (3) options for refueling the rental vehicle.
  • Pre-Purchase Fuel (non-refundable full tank of fuel) at current pump prices and return the vehicle empty
  • Return the vehicle at any level at a per gallon price that includes a refueling service charge.
  • Refuel the vehicle within ten (10) miles of the rental location providing a receipt at return.


One way rentals are only allowed between locations. Drop off fees may be assessed for vehicles not returned to a PV Rentals location.


No PV Rental vehicle is allowed to enter Mexico.